TAPIF | Finding an Apartment in France

Relocating to a new country can be stressful- here are some tips to make apartment hunting the least of your worries.


1. Helpful Websites

  • Leboncoin: This is essentially the Craigslist of France. When looking for housing you will want to search under the category “immobilier” and the subcategories “location” and “collocation”. Search for a “location” if you’re looking for a studio or one bedroom and a “collocation” if you want a flat-share.
  • Appartager: This is specifically for people looking for roommates. You can even post your own ad with a short bio, your ideal location, and your monthly budget. This can increase your chances of finding housing as other users can seek out your profile.
  • Lacartedescolocs: Another website specifically for flat-shares. What’s unique is that each listing is pinned to a map so you can narrow down your search to a specific part of town as well as its proximity to your work, supermarkets, public transport etc.

2. Useful Vocabulary

  • loyer = rent
  • *garant = co-signer
  • caution = deposit
  • **charges = utilities
  • RIB = bank details
  • meublé = furnished
  • non meublé = unfurnished
  • ***propriétaire = landlord

*It can be difficult to provide sufficient proof of a co-signer for non-Europeans. A future blog post providing alternatives will be published soon.

**Many listings will advertise that utilities are included (“charges comprises”). Make sure to ask the landlord which utilities are actually included. Sometimes this is simply the garbage and water fees, sometimes it includes gas, electricity and internet as well.

***On some sites you’ll see two types of “propriétaires”: “particuliers” and “professionnels”. “Particuliers” are private parties renting out their personal property. “Professionnels” are agencies hired to lease property for private parties and typically charge fees upwards of 1,000 euros.

3. Documents

  • Copy of Passport or Visa
  • RIB
  • Garant (if necessary)
  • proof of employment (contract ) or enrollment in school
  • last three pay stubs (if salary is at least 3 times the rent)

If you have any questions, feel free to leave me a comment and I’ll get back to you as soon as possible. Good luck with your apartment hunt!


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